The almost century-old tradition

The almost century-old tradition began with Giuseppe, the grandfather, who fell in love with this ancient village in 1938 and purchased it to create a winery.

Since then, generations of winemakers have succeeded each other, until Paolo Ghiddi, Giuseppe’s nephew, took over the farm, converting it to organic farming in 1994.

The farm also produces wheat, spelt, and artichokes, and the same products are used and processed by the restaurant to offer the best traditional dishes.

The processing methods.

The vineyards of the San Polo agricultural company are mainly cultivated under organic farming practices.

Only organic fertilizers produced in the area are used to maintain them.

As for the vine cultivation, wine production is also strictly organic, avoiding any chemical or flavoring substances.

Filtration practices are kept to a minimum to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes used.

Sparkling wine is made using the Ancestral method and the autoclave for the secondary fermentation.

The San Polo estate

The estate of the San Polo agricultural company covers about 8 hectares on the hills of Castelvetro di Modena.


The land is characterized by a loamy and clayey soil typical of the Modena area.


The vineyards on the estate have a minimum age of 20 years and are exclusively cultivated using organic methods for maximum respect for the land and product, with a maximum yield of 80 quintals per hectare.

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