“An oasis of peace, a world of truth that for many will not come.”

Mauro Muzzarelli – il selvatico

The San Polo farm stay is located on the outskirts of Castelvetro di Modena, a splendid location surrounded by vineyards and nature.

Mauro Muzzarelli, a restaurateur for 52 years, has been devoted to perfecting his craft for the most refined and evolved palates.

Descended from a family of restaurateurs for 5 generations, with experience as a truffle hunter, master taster of balsamic vinegar, sommelier, beekeeper, farmer and breeder.

We only use products coming from our land, cultivated and harvested with our own hands.
A guarantee of the highest quality.

That simple, genuine, relaxing atmosphere…

“A healthy cuisine, simple and made with few ingredients that respect the true and authentic flavors of high-quality ingredients. The complete absence of acoustic and visual pollution and the sober and unostentatious service make the stay pleasant and relaxing: this is our world!

“I liked the peasant table of the 1950s and 1960s. That simple, REAL, relaxing atmosphere. No television, not even the radio, no advertising noise, no ads or logos that follow you everywhere. Only the voice of nature and the food from the farm. People who worked hard, always cheerful and serene. What a pleasure that table was! I have always thought that was a luxury for the men of the future.”

(Mauro the Wild)

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